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HQ.6F Mirage Tower B/D.
659 Gilju-ro, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea

The Ebadom Brand puts the customers first

Hand-picked organic ingredients

The first core value of Ebadom:

A happy restaurant with family & culture

Starting off in 1993 as “Eden Intensive Animal Farming”, a physical distribution entity specializing in circulations, Ebadom incorporated has been proudly serving exceptional traditional Korean food for over 20 years through ,a Korean Family Restaurant equipped with a widely acknowledged franchising system.

KID's land

Our CEO himself designed this space based on his own personal experience. I was terrified of dining out when my children were young.



The isolated café-style window seats are an area with standing tables where both the traditional and modern styles coexist, highly preferred by the younger crowd.



Taking the Korean traditional Han-ok architecture as a motif, this sit-down area preferred largely by families contain the particular architectural style from ...


Ebadom family dining:
A happy dining cultural complex for all family members

Our brand try our best to reflect the diverse needs of our customers through constructing a super-sized space of nearly 1000m², which enables us to collaborate with other brands. With the globally loved Gamjatang(pork back-bone stew) and Deungbbyeojjim(Steamed pork backbone dish) as our main dish, We continually conduct research & development on the traditional flavors of Korea.

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Why does JEJUPAN taste unique?

Through out CLEAN supply system, providing unfrozen, fresh meat directly from the farm to us, we strive to only provide the best quality meat to our customers.

From ages past, the pork from Jeju Island has been renowned for being more delectable compared to that of other regions. Especially, the taste of pork from Jeju Island, a uncontaminated, pure area full of green fields, surrounded by clear blue ocean, has been confirmed to be the best from our numerous customers.

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Ebadom proudly presents STORYPAN, famous for its phenomenal flavor

The special pork, used as a main ingredient in Ebadom Storypan, thoroughly undergoes aging for 168 hours in the perfect aging condition that Ebadom has discovered through research, which allows the meat to boast its maximum texture and flavor.

Ebadom Storypan has organized our specialty Poongmiyuk pork with the spicy short-armed squid stir-fry, cooked with our special sauce recipe, as its main menu.

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1st, 2nd Generation

Providing a high-quality dining space/ Convenient experience for our customers

First in the industry to integrate indoor playgrounds to a traditional Korean restaurant. Equipped with both sit-down and stand-up tables in the seating area

3th Generation

Diversified space usage

Indoor playground and Cafeteria integration to restaurants. Family seats + Café-style seats + Business room + Kids’ Land

4th Generation

Usage of Large Space/ Diversification of customer needs

Giant venue or Collaboration restaurants (coalescing 2 or more brands). Super-sized indoor playgrounds, diversification of offered menus

Ebadom Food

Contact information

  • HQ.6F Mirage Tower B/D. 659 Gilju-ro, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea +82-32-525-0022